Funeral Receptions

Memories to share

A memorial service offers the perfect opportunity for loved ones to come together and reflect, share memories, and support one another. Brooklands Hotel is home to a variety of elegant and versatile event spaces, all of which are ideal for hosting a funeral reception and our experienced team will help ensure the planning and delivery of your event is as seamless as possible.

Funeral Reception Packages

We've put together several packages to help assist with the planning of your funeral reception or memorial service. Each package includes a variety of refreshment choices, with the option to hold your reception in one of our private event suites, spacious lobby lounge area, or 1907 bar.

Make it happen

Host a funeral reception at Brooklands Hotel

If you would like to find out more about hosting a funeral reception or memorial service at Brooklands Hotel, or to learn more about our Funeral Reception Packages, our team will be happy to help. Call a member of the team on 01932 335 720 or contact us using our enquiry form.