Cocktail Masterclass

Whether you like yours on the rocks, shaken or stirred, unleash your inner mixologist and learn how to be a cocktail master!

We have four masterclasses to choose from; an introductory, a classic cocktail, a martini cocktail and a cocktail tropicana masterclass. In all of these, your mixologist will give you an introduction to classic cocktails and spirits as well as an overview of the classic cocktails and the original tools and methods of cocktail making.

Our masterclasses start from £39.95 per person. To book a masterclass, call the Events Team on 01932 335720.

In the introductory masterclass, your mixologist will demonstrate one sweet or sour cocktail for you all to follow when making your own drink. In the classic cocktail masterclass, you can make three cocktails (a caipirinha, a cosmopolitan and a manhattan) and in the martini cocktail masterclass, you can choose which three cocktails you'd like to make from a daiquiri, a cosmopolitan, a manhattan, a fruit sour, a French martini or a rainbow martini. The cocktail tropicana masterclass will introduce you to using tropical fruits in cocktail making. You'll learn how to make cocktails using a selection of fresh fruit as well as carving methods to make decorations for your cocktails.

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